Ksenia Dolinskaya artist
Ksenia Dolinskaya artist
Ksenia Dolinskaya artist
Ksenia Dolinskaya artist

Ksenia Dolinskaya


Ksenia Dolinskaya, an artist with creative roots in a family where art and colors were always there. Her mother, Galina Tipikina, a graphic designer, surrounded her daughter with an inspiring world of colors and creative possibilities, and this played a key role in shaping her artistic talent and personality.

The artist’s works are an interpretation of ancient myths, where there are often creatures that combine the traits of humans and animals. The theme of the unification of the human and the animal has become central in the art of Ksenia Dolinskaya, which is saturated with surrealism and symbols.


Dolinskaya’s paintings represent a complex world, divided by the author into Predators and Preys. The main basis of her paintings are mystical creatures whose relationships develop over the centuries, denoting a neutral balance. 

The combination of unusual images that come to life on the canvases opens parallel dimensions to the viewer and makes them think about the quiet human body and its multifaceted beauty.


The courage and unique style of Dolinskaya’s works invite the viewer into the complex world of predator-prey interactions and allow a glimpse into the depths of human nature and its fantastic transformations. 

Ksenia Dolinskaya prefers to work in the classical technique of the masters of the past, using multi-layer oil painting, which requires time to dry each layer. This approach allows her to focus on several pieces at a time, making her work even more fun and creatively rich. In addition, the artist also works with graphics, expanding her artistic arsenal.